The Book

Stay tuned—we have BIG things in the works!

We are writing a book detailing the full story of how the COSDECOL ministry came to be—with never-before-heard-details.

Here’s a sneak peak:

Mark Wittig arrived in Colombia the year the nation erupted.

1985 in Medellín, Colombia was a time like no other. Pablo Escobar was just beginning his crusade of vengeance. Death was no longer news. Thunder was confused with bombings. Gunshots were a daily rhythm. Medellín soon became the homicide capital of the world. Before the turn of the century, 90,000 would die.

But God had mercy on the city.

Through the unlikely means of a soccer ball, Mark and his team began to carve a story of light and life change into a country’s greatest darkness. But it was no easy task.

With all the triumphs, losses, twists and complex characters of your favorite novel, the story reads like fiction.

It is a tale only God would dare write.

– CUSC full-length book, Title TBD.